You Are Worthy

Some days we just feel “less than.” 

We wake up that way, we wake up feeling less than… 

Less than rested, less than restored, less than ready for the day 

And we move through the day carrying that with us...we move on feeling less than... 

Less than pretty, planned, and prepared 

Less than the mom next to you, the mom you were yesterday, the mom you want to be tomorrow 

Less than skilled, smart, steady 

Less than the wife you want to be, the friend you want to be, the daughter you want to be, the sister you want to be 

Less than skinny, healthy, organized 

Less than the pictures of others you compare yourself to without even realizing it 

Less than the expectation you set for yourself without even rationalizing it 

Less than the perfection you are striving for in every aspect of your life 
I get this. I feel this way sometimes. I think we all feel this way sometimes. 

But that’s just it…it is a feeling 

It is not our identity 

It is not my truth…It is not your truth 

I am not less than…You are not less than 

We are “more than” 

We are so much more than what we see ourselves to be sometimes 

We are so much more than the negative stories we tell ourselves sometimes
We are allowed to have some “less than” days, but we can’t stay in them.

We need to pull each other out of them. 

We need to help each other move into days of feeling “more than.” 

We are all mirrors, attracting the thoughts and feelings we put out into the world with each step and breath we take. 

What if we worked together on this? 

What if we looked at a fellow mom, friend, woman and noticed they were feeling less than and actively chose to reflect something different, something more? 

What if we saw ourselves in her and recognized that she was so much more than the “less than” voice in her head right now? 

What if we stayed and supported her, if we worked through it together? 

What if we communicated our shared “less than” feelings, got them out in the world, and then consciously let them go... together?
If we show more compassion and kindness, compassion and kindness will come to us.

If we show more patience and tolerance, patience and tolerance will come to us.

If we show more forgiveness and acceptance, forgiveness and acceptance will come to us.

If we show more good, good will persevere. 
We all have “less than” days. 

But we are all “more than”... more than worthy, more than enough, more than loved. 

So, when you recognize someone in need of this reminder, r.e.m.i.n.d. her.

We can’t always do it alone. 

We forget to take care of ourselves when we are busy taking care of our families and our careers. 

We need each other. 

Pull each other out of the “less than” mindset and into the “more than.”

Together, our power is more than we could ever even imagine.