She is My Little Girl

She is gentle, yet fierce. 
She is graceful, yet strong. 
She is cautious, yet vivacious.
She is sweet, yet salty.

Her body is small, but her force is big.
Her words are tiny, but her voice is loud.
Her eyes are youthful, but her vision is powerful.
Her soul is young, but her energy is palpable.

She can be unknowing, but she is learning.
She can grow frustrated, but she is tolerant. 
She may be willful, but she is patient.
She may get upset, but she is understanding.

She knows nervousness and bravery go hand in hand.
She knows disappointments are lessened with gratitude.
She knows smiles and kind words go a long way.
She knows sunshine and rainbows are not to be overlooked.

She climbs everything, but sometimes likes to hold hands.
She asks questions, but also likes to explore alone.
She plays with others, but also likes to be by herself.
She sings her heart out, but also likes to sit in silence.

She can’t be described with a word or even a paragraph. 
She isn’t just one thing without the other.

She changes with experiences.
She grows with each sunrise.
She learns with each lesson.
She loves with each moment.

She is my everything, yet a perfect creation of her very own things. 
She is my little girl, a beautiful gift on this great big Earth wrapped up in one special little person.