The plans, the schedules, meals, the shopping, the cleaning.
The folding, the washing, the tucking in, the getting up, the waking in the night.
The boo-boos, the big emotions, the hard talks, the deep moments.
The stories, the buildings, the cars, the play-doh.
The dolls, the babies, the balls, the games.

The phone calls, the appointments, the meetings.
The papers, the bills, the signatures, the emails.
The dance, the football, the playdates, the music class.
The school, the homework, the fairs, and the sales.
The questioning, the listening, the repeating, the reminding.

The push and the pull. The give and the take. The go and the stop.
The time, the relationships, the work, the home, the feelings, the thoughts.
The spouses, the babies, the children, the friends, the family members.
The career, the job, the responsibility, the employers, the colleagues.
And the dream, the desire, the wish, the purpose.


We need them. We desire them. We can create them.

We can say no.
We can say yes.
We can say maybe.
We can say nothing.

We can answer the phone, or not.
We can leave the house, or not.
We can engage in a conversation, or not.
We can engage in a thought pattern, or not.

We can make a plan and keep it.
We can make a plan and change it.
We can put something somewhere and leave it.
We can put something somewhere and move it.

We can acknowledge and ask.
We can apologize and forgive.
We can sit and be still.
We can move freely and continue going.

We can shake things up.
We can calm things down.
We can ignite a fire within.
We can release the rolling waves.

We can be open or closed, up or down, in or out.
We can be hold on tight or let go and surrender.
We can believe, ask and receive.
We can take action, move forward, keep going.

We can do all of this because we have the ability to make a choice.
We can choose to set boundaries to build a better balance.

Balance for our minds, our bodies and our souls.
Balance for our hearts and our hands.
Balance for our time, our responsibilities, our dreams, and our desires.
Balance for our children, our families, our friends, and our relationships.

Balance that starts with us. Within us.
Boundaries and balance.
Within us. For us.

And everyone around us.