While I Stay in the Present Moment Today, I Can't Wait For Tomorrow With You

I want to stop time from moving so fast.
I want to stop time from letting you grow.

I want to stop time so we can stay in these moments longer.
I want to stop time so we can be in this phase on end.

I want to be in a world where I can hear your little, inquisitive and spirited voice any time you want to utter a sound.

I want to be stuck in my tornado of a kitchen, attempting to make you meals that you'll actually eat from dusk to dawn.

I want to build with you every time you ask me to, even though you knock down our creations just before completion without fail.

I want to sit on your bedroom floor and listen to you tell me the clothes I suggest you wear are “too big,” or “too old,” or a “good idea for tomorrow” every time we are running late for something.

I want to get up to get you water a million more times when you call my name after you've promised me you will lay quietly in bed.

I want to read you books that you beg me to read even though you never listen and instead read a different one right next to me- only louder and at the same time.

I want to clean up the little bits of toys and games that are strewn about our living room even though you know where the missing ones always end up by now.

I want to let you stand on the stool in the kitchen and help me bake or make dinner even though it will take me three times as long to cook and ten times as long to clean up.

I want to watch your favorite movies on repeat if it means getting to sit next to you and be still for some time.

I want to sing nursery rhymes over and over again if it means looking at your smile as you move your hands and act it out like I taught you.

I want to answer your questions even if it means giving you every explanation under the sun until I finally give you one that is acceptable by your three-year-old standards.

I want to stop time and just be present in these precious moments forever.

And though it is hard to know I can't, I know our future moments together will be just as special.

So, while I stay in the present moment today, I can't wait for tomorrow with you.