Believe in Yourself; Your Life is Counting On It

Remember that chance you were afraid to take—and how you thrived from it?
Remember that experience you were terrified to have—and how you embraced it?
Remember that jump you were petrified to make—and how you soared through it?

Remember that goal you didn’t think you’d reach—and how you crushed it?
Remember that bridge you didn’t think you’d get to the other side of—and how you crossed it?
Remember that mountain you didn’t think you’d see the peak of—and how you climbed it?

Or how about that dream you never thought would come true—but then it did.
Or that prayer you never expected to be answered—but then it was.

Did you do it?
Did you really stop, reflect, and think?
Do you remember all of these times, my friend?

You can do hard things.
You can do huge things.
You can do things you’d never imagine you’d be able to do—just like you have so many times before.

So the next time you’re standing on the brink of change, facing a fear, or gearing up for growth, take a moment for yourself and look back on how far you’ve already come, on how much you’ve already accomplished, on how much of life you’ve already lived so very bravely.

Because sometimes the very thing you need to keep on going or to take the next step is right there inside of you.

Believe in yourself.
Your life is counting on it.