As Moms, We Fill Up Their Tanks-But Ours Are Overflowing Because of Them

“You fill up my tank.”

It’s something I recently said to my mother.

It’s something moms do for their kids—we fill up their tanks.

When I am low—low on energy, optimism, self-esteem— I turn to my mother and she fills me up.

It’s why I break down in front of her and how I break through my fears when I‘m on my own.

When my daughter is low—low on confidence, independence, security—she turns to me and I fill her up.

It’s why she likes to stay very close to me when I am with her and how she can be the life of the party when I’m not.

When my son is low—low on connection, calm, and direction—he turns to me and I fill him up.

It’s why he wants me to hold and rock him in my arms from time to time and how he sets off to explore wherever his curious mind takes him without looking back.

We fill up their tanks.

As a mom, it can be hard to find the balance between letting go and holding on tight,

but knowing we can fill our children up with our love whenever they need it helps.

They are their own beings with their own journeys to lead

and the roads they take will surely lead them away from home,

but every now and again they will return for a refill from their mama.

Whether it’s with our words of choice or just the sound of our voice,

the nook in our chest or just being in our presence,

our listening ears or our just the look in our eyes,

we will be there ready to fill them up.

And all the while,

though they may never know,

our own tanks will be forever overflowing

because of them.